Wisecrack Games, LLC is a new studio on a mission to put put comedy back into the adventure genre.  With an experienced, award-winning and nominated team, Wisecrack develops original properties for the PC, Mac, iOS, and other mobile platforms.



In-demand for his story and dialogue skills, Steve has worked on a wide range of projects from children’s titles to casual games to the dark fantasy on both installments of The Witcher.

But it is Steve’s dual love of humor and adventure games, refined over the course of 19 years in game development, that has led to two separate writing award nominations.

The first, while working for the highly acclaimed Revolution Software, was achieved for his work on the third in the Broken Sword series – Excellence in Writing at the Game Developers Choice Awards 2004.

So Blonde, written for the French company, Wizarbox, gave Steve his second major nomination in 2008, this time from the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain in the category of Best Video Game Script.

His love of game writing has taken him beyond the games themselves – Steve has written a book, Writing for Video Games, and often sits on panels, gives talks and writes articles about the ever-developing field of game narrative and dialogue.


Ken Wegrzyn has over twenty-five years of experience writing, directing, and producing film and interactive entertainment.

At The Walt Disney Company in Glendale, CA, Ken served as Executive Producer for Disney Interactive Studios, focusing on franchise titles, original IP, licensed titles, and game development.

Prior to Disney, Ken formed iBase Entertainment™ with Al Lowe to create original titles and Sam Suede™ was born.

After serving as director, designer and producer on numerous Mindscape® (formerly The Software Toolworks) titles, Ken formed iBase Media Corporation™, where he developed interactive entertainment, educational, and reference software for VtechKids® and The McGraw-Hill Companies®.


Al Lowe is gaming’s best-known humorist. He is the creator of the Leisure Suit Larry® series, Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, as well as many other games published by Sierra On-Line over a 16-year period.

Al’s talent and experience with dozens of published games brings a great level of commitment to creating high-quality, innovative, successful games. Al’s Leisure Suit Larry® character remains well known today. His nine Larry products sold millions of copies, and in a pre-console, PC-only world! Ask anyone who played computer games in the 90's — if they haven't actually played Larry, they know of him.

He continues to deliver humor from his humor web site, www.allowe.com, and from his daily free joke email, CyberJoke 3000™.


Founded in 2003 in Sevres, France, Wizarbox has been porting video games by other companies to consoles since 2002's Arx Fatalis.  In 2007, they released their first in-house developed video game, So Blonde, written and designed by industry veteran Steve Ince. The success of So Blonde, which was nominated for "Best Video Game Script" award at the 2008 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards, led to the development of the So Blonde: Back to the Island (an alternate scenario set during the events of the original game) and the spin-off Morgane and the Golden Turtle.

Wizarbox assisted in completing the development of Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter title, which was released in 2010.  With a current staff of over 40, Wizarbox will soon release RAW Realms of Ancient War, an action/role-playing game for XBLA, PSN, and PC.

Wizarbox has worked with several game engines, the design and game play of a particular title dictating which engine would be best.  Wizarbox has extensive experience with the Unity engine, creating rich 3D graphics, advanced gameplay mechanics, and leveraging the engine’s multi-platform capabilities, making Unity the ideal engine for Wizarbox to bring the world of Sam Suede to life!

Here are examples of their work from the above titles.

Morgane and the Golden Turtle - Developed by Wizarbox and written by Steve Ince, Published by Reef Entertainment.

So Blonde - Developed by Wizarbox and written by Steve Ince, Published by Eidos Interactive and Anaconda.

Gray Matter - Developed by Wizarbox and Jane Jensen, Published by DTP Entertainment.

RAW Realms of Ancient War - Developed by Wizarbox and soon to be released for XBLA, PSN, and PC. Published by Focus Home Interactive.


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